Discover cultural diversity 


Our municipality has a lot to offer in the way of culture, art and architecture.


Embark on a fascinating journey through the cultural and historic diversity of Wandlitz: Visit relics set in stone, exhibitions, theatre performances, workshops, readings and lots of exciting events.



Herbstleuchten im Barnim Panorama_Foto: C. Kruppa



Barnim Panorama_Ausstellung_Foto: Hauptlorenz


Barnim Panorama 


Nature park centre and agricultural museum: What are the origins of the mighty stones found across Wandlitz, lying as if scattered by giants?


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Heidekrautbahn_Foto: Tatzel




An experience not just for railway enthusiasts: Enjoy a special ride or visit our museum.


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Ateliers_kunstvoller Blumentopf_Foto: Zaemsch_Radant




Wandlitz is creative, Wandlitz inspires:
Enjoy art and crafts in all their forms.


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Schloss Lanke_Foto: Galler




Palaces always have their own special charm. And the municipality of Wandlitz has two of them.


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Kirche Klosterfelde_Foto: Gemeinde Wandltz




Ten village churches add a special feel to Wandlitz’s urban districts. And each of them is waiting to be discovered.


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Goldener Löwe_Foto: Gemeinde Wandlitz


"Goldener Löwe" cultural centre


Concerts, theatre performances, cinema and more – the ‘Goldener Löwe’ brings together art and culture enthusiasts.


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Lanke Bogensee_Foto: Weigelt


GDR history


From the FDJ university to the Waldsiedlung Wandlitz to Honnecker’s bunker – German history was written in and around the municipality of Wandlitz. A fascinating place, not just for historians.


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TaW_Mörderkarussell Foto: Theater Wandlitz


Theater am Wandlitzsee 


The TaW is a theatre for locals and visitors in the historic Wandlitzsee train station building. Enjoy concerts, art, comedy or kids’ theatre!


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Bernau_Bauhaus: Foto: M. Galler


Bauhaus Bernau 


Steel, stone and glass - the nearby ADGB Trade Union School in Bernau has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2017. The ultimate in architectural history.


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