Naturally Wandlitz 


Wandlitz is a veritable natural paradise. Luscious green meadows and forests, crystal-clear lakes, and warm hospitality all invite visitors to sit back and relax. Want take some deep breaths and just unwind? Well our beautiful Barnim Nature Park is the perfect place to do it. Experience some amazing moments that will stay with you for many years to come. There’s a whole range of unique treasures waiting to be discovered.


Wandlitz – an open space in the heart of nature.



Then come and explore our region for yourself.



Natur_See_Wald_Foto: Galler


 Natur Barnim_Biber_Foto: Pixabay


The intoxicating Barnim Nature Park


The forests, meadows and waters provide more than enough space for peaceful coexistence; at Barnim Nature Park, humans and animals are at one with nature. 


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 Langer Trödel_Zerpenschleuse_Foto: L. Weigelt


Langer Trödel 

This is the name of the section of the Finow canal (Germany’s oldest, navigable, artificial waterway) between Zerpenschleuse and Liebenwalde.


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Wasserscheide Wandlitz_Foto: Urrutia




The Wasserscheidestein (Watershed stone) is the artificially highlighted watershed between the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Elbe River, Oder River, Lake Wandlitzer See and Lake Liepnitzsee. The boulder changes colour depending on its state: Reddish when dry, and glittering silver-grey when wet.


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 Liepnitzsee Buchenwald_Foto: Gerigk


Forest bathing


Thanks to its microclimate, the forest has a therapeutic effect and positive influence on your heart, immune system and psyche: So enjoy a hike, walk or bike ride around our lush municipality to escape your everyday stresses and recharge your batteries!


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