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Wandlitz for Kids

Children, children, how lovely it is here!


The municipality of Wandlitz is worth exploring with your family! A whole host of options are just waiting to be discovered by you and your parents. And is it any wonder – because our municipality is almost the size of 23,000 football pitches. You will have lots of great experiences in store here. Be it nature, culture, art, sport or fun, Wandlitz always has you covered. In Wandlitz and the surrounding areas there is something for everyone.


Enjoy a varied family holiday filled with fun, games and excitement in the extensive woodlands and waters of our surrounds. Plunge into the water, immerse yourself in history, and surface amongst nature.


In the heart of Barnim Nature Park, with its forests, meadows and lakes, the vibe is definitely set to holiday mode. Savour some delicious food and unwind in a place far removed from the stresses of everyday life.


That’s what we call happiness!  




Kind am Tiergehege_Foto: Tierpark Eichholz





Sprunganlage Strandbad_Foto: Galler


Enjoying water


Are you true-blue water rats? Then pack your swimming trunks and jump right into the cool depths here. Ahoy, you mermaids and pirates! Seize your fun and ride the waves. 


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Naturpark Barnim_Wandern: Foto: S. Heise


Experiencing nature


Feel like an outing with the whole family? Then do we have the perfect thing for you! Discover nature in Wandlitz’s forests and meadows, and have a smell and taste of what’s under the trees!


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 Wandlitzer Theater_Puppentheater_Foto: Wandlitzer Theater


Discovering art, culture & history 


The bookworms, theatre lovers and crafters among you will also love the municipality of Wandlitz. Experience all kinds of art, culture and theatre. Get swept up in the creative world!


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 Kletterwald Schorfheide_Foto: Kletterpark Schorfheide


Sport and games


Sport enthusiasts can look forward to mini golf, a kart track and a climbing park, while speedy football players can kick goals with their gang at our old, traditional football grounds. Ready, steady, go!


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Brandenburg Family Pass


The Family Pass covers around 550 services & activities in the areas of leisure, education, sport and games for kids and families! It’s valid for the whole family for one year starting from July, and is available for purchase at any kiosk/newsagency and other state-wide partners across Brandenburg.


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Familienpass Brandenburg